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Resonance will arrange reliable and convenient worldwide deliveries of furniture and home decor accessories. The process is not complicated. We will provide you with all the relevant import information into your country and delivery to your address. Contact us to obtain information on the various aspects of international deliveries.

Your Shipping Agent and Representative

Although you are welcome to appoint your own shipping agent, we recommend trusted and tested companies that we have been working with for the past 15 years.  They will act as your representative in South Africa and will confirm that your order is correct and that it complies with our high quality standards. You are welcome to contact them at any time to obtain specific and general information about your order.  

International Customs Clearance and Deliveries

Your appointed agents will in turn either have either offices or worldwide international associates that will arrange the customs clearance, imports and delivery in your country. Again, you are welcome to contact them at any time to obtain specific and general information about your import

Delivery Options

Following are ways to arrange the delivery of your international order:


Post office deliveries are generally the lowest cost option for smaller items. It is fast and reliable and delivers  your order to your door within days. There are  volume and weight restrictions on the package and the maximum value of insurance on a package is limited. It is most suited to relatively lower value items like cushion    covers, throws, table runners, lamp shades, smaller decor items, etc.

INTERNATIONAL COURIER SERVICES                                        

Deliveries through International couriers, like TNT, DHL, Fedex, etc. are more suited to door to door deliveries or more  valuable items. 


International Airfreight options include:  

Airfreight to airport Only: The airfreight is to your closest international airport only. You will have to clear customs by yourself and arrange transport from the airport to your address. This is sometimes the best option for lighter weight, high value items,i.e.. art, more valuable boxed and crated items, etc.  Insurance can be unlimited.

Airfreight to airport plus delivery to your door: This option is as above, however, a third party agent will arrange customs clearance and delivery to your door. Although convenient, it is generally more expensive.

Airfreight deliveries are more convenient for smaller volume and lighter articles. The cost off  airfreight  shipping is generally calculates as either a rate per Kg, or per Volumetric Weight, whichever is the greatest. Volumetric weight is calculated as the Width(cm) x Length(cm) x Depth(cm) of the package, divided by 6000. A package of, for instance 50cm x 50cm x 50cm will therefore have an equivalent volumetric weight of 20.8Kg.



Sea freight is the shipping method of choice for large and heavy furniture items., i.e. Sofas, Dining tables, etc. It offers a cost effective way to deliver your goods. It does, however, take considerably longer than airfreight shipping options.

Sea freight can be arranged to be either door to door, or door to port. With the door to port option, it will be your responsibility to arrange customs clearance and delivery from the designated port of delivery. This can be done either by yourself or by appointing a clearance and delivery agent in your country. Appointing an agent in your country by yourself, may in some cases be more cost effective than for the South African agent to appoint them to arrange the clearance and delivery. in your country.

Goods for sea freight can also be delivered ex Cape Town, for you to arrange shipping